9 Guest Blogging Techniques For Ecommerce Backlink Building

When chasing high rankings and driving traffic, guest posting is often an overlooked tactic. Likely because it can consume a great deal of time and effort. However, if done right, contributing blogs to other sites offers a win-win solution to your e-commerce brand and the site you’re contributing to.

But before you dive head in and start messaging to every website editor or owner you know, get you basics right. There’s a smart and effective way to engage in guest blogging. In this practice, you must focus on quality instead of quantity to get your products in front of potential buyers.

Here’s a curated list of smart tactics to boost your online business:

Quality articles that feature statistics and important information help readers understand a topic better. Writing these articles and adding your backlink provides opportunities for earning quality links for your website organically. Search for publishers that are in the same niche as your e-commerce website.

But in saying that, be careful because partnering with the wrong sites can hurt your ranking. Because of this, it's important to seek help from a reputable SEO agency that understands link building. If you're an agency owner helping an e-commerce business with its link building, it doesn't hurt to look for white-label providers. The white-label NO-BS SEO service, for example may be able to help.

2. Launch studies providing usable data

While numerous research citations exist for scientific and medical studies, the e-commerce industry needs more data backed by credible sources and methodologies. Hence, original research and surveys related to your niche can entice publishers.

Earn citations and brand mentions by conducting shopper surveys, buyer persona studies, or product comparisons. Then, craft guest posts showcasing the informative results while embedding relevant links to your store.

3. Kickstart a guestographics campaign

A few years ago, an emerging trend called ‘guestographics’ became a buzzword in the guest posting scene. This technique incorporates visual data into traditional text-based blogs, making it helpful for SEO.

Adapt your outreach using infographics to showcase unique datasets, comparisons, or survey results. Sourcing, designing, and distributing a compelling infographic sets you apart from other pitch attempts. And data-rich visuals have higher approval chances across niche and general interest websites.

Tying guest posts to trending topics helps your content stand out more. Holiday shopping periods provide opportunities for guest blogging, too.

Suggest posts with data or tips on buying trends around busy shopping events, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. You can land guest contributions on many high-traffic websites with the right timing. Additionally, you can easily update these blogs to provide you with evergreen link opportunities.

5. Create how-to guides and tutorials

Most users rely on the internet for information, and online retailers can leverage this when creating content. ‘How-to’ style posts remain some of the most engaging content across websites and social media. Shoppers also hunt for tips on selecting, using, and caring for specific products.

Develop unique product or shopper-focused tutorials that sites may find valuable contributions. Showcase your experience as an online merchant while providing readers with helpful how-to info.

6. Partner with nonprofits

Modern consumers are conscious buyers. A majority prefer to purchase from brand with values that align with them. For instance, a global study found that customers prefer to transact with businesses focusing on sustainability and social issues.

Guest blogging opens doors through cause marketing with nonprofits. Contact organizations relevant to your products and company values for mutually beneficial opportunities. Offer advice and helpful resources by sharing your industry experience. At the same time, highlight your company’s nonprofit initiatives or sponsorships.

7. Interview industry experts

If you were to write about succeeding in the digital retail industry, would you choose to interview the owner of a large online store or an upcoming startup entrepreneur? You’d undoubtedly go for the former, right? In this case, a successful entrepreneur bears more credibility than someone just learning the ropes.

Similarly, landing interviews with famous names get attention, backlinks, and strong branding. It provides your blog with more authenticity. So, link with prominent personalities in your niche. Ask about featuring their insights for contributions tied to your specialty.

8. Work with niche influencers

Influencer marketing continues trending across e-commerce. This is unsurprising, as 72% of millennials and the Gen Z population follow internet personalities on social media. It’s so effective that 89% of marketers partnering with brand ambassadors plan to continue or raise their spending.

Working with the right internet personalities also provides an angle for guest posts. Offer to write contributor stories on their sites focused on your products. Not only will it get your store and items in front of their engaged audience. But an influencer link holds tremendous credibility for search ranking factors, too.

9. Craft product suggestions

Need help deciding what items to buy? Shopping-related guest posts that provide product or gift ideas can gain traction in your niche. This works well, especially if curated uniquely with your expertise as an e-commerce insider.

Plus, links embedded within such content have the potential to drive referral traffic while showcasing your brand as a knowledgeable industry voice.

At the end of the day, guest posting works best when centered around a brand’s "whys" - the purpose behind the products, services, and content they put out to help customers daily. Align these stories with sites serving your ideal buyers, where you can make the most impact together.

The road to guest blogging success can be challenging. It requires online retailer brands to explore ingenious ways to expand their reach. Implementing a few or all of the above guest posting tips will boost your content marketing strategy. Adopting these tactics lets your online shop gain better exposure, attract engaged traffic, and climb toward your search engine ranking goals through links.

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