16 Healthy Fitness Gift Basket Ideas

Is your friend, family member, or work colleague who works out frequently having a birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration?

If so, you may decide to present them with something, which will make their occasion memorable and enhance their fitness journey.

However, finding the best gifts for people who work out is not always easy. After all, they always seem to have everything they will need for their workouts. But, this is not always the case.

If you are wondering what to present them, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we present you with the best workout gift basket ideas and the best gifts for fitness lovers. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, birthday, or you simply want to get them something for the holidays, here are the best gifts for fitness lovers.

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1. Multipurpose Gym Bag

A multipurpose gym bag is a great workout gift basket idea for gym lovers. After all, gym lovers need to carry their gym gear around. And this can include things like a water bottle, change of clothes, shoes, headphones, shower essentials and deodorants, among others.

And this is where a multipurpose bag will come in. Most multipurpose gym bags come with a waterproof compartment for sweaty, dirty clothes, a shoe compartment for workout shoes, and a separate compartment for clean clothes.

Also, multipurpose gym bags also come with a mesh pocket for water bottles. Furthermore, they come with a great ventilation system, thus helping to minimize bad odors while keeping everything inside the bag fresh.

Multipurpose gym bags are available in a wide range of designs and colors. You simply need to shop around and choose a bag that will align best with your friend’s preferences and needs.

2. Headphones

Most fitness lifters love listening to music while working out. Therefore, headphones will also be an ideal present to add to your bodybuilding gift basket. However, it will be highly advisable to go for wireless headphones instead of the traditional ones.

As you may expect, the wired ones can get tangled in the workout equipment, thus disrupting a workout. For wireless headphones, ensure you go for those with customizable sound settings.

Also, go for those that can provide at least eight hours of continuous playback at full charge. Furthermore, you should also confirm they are waterproof and sweatproof.

3. Jogging Pants

If you are looking for gift basket ideas for runners, then you should consider jogger pants. Jogger pants are specifically designed for gym lovers and running enthusiasts.

Besides being lightweight, the best jogger pants are also eliminated odors and minimize sweat. Also, they are durable and easy to wash and care for, making them one of the best gifts for fitness lovers.

4. Health Trackers and Planners

The market is filled with a wide range of health trackers and planners, making it easy for fitness freaks to plan their workout goals accordingly.

These online and app-based trackers and planners come with daily, weekly and monthly workout tracks and charts, which will help your friend who works out to track their progress and compare their achievements.

Therefore, if you are unsure which gift to choose for your workout friend, then you should go for these health trackers and planners.

5. Smartwatch

Is your female friend who works out having a birthday or a special occasion? If so, you should get them one of the latest smartwatches. The latest smartwatches feature larger screens, making it easy to see whatever is being displayed.

Also, these smartwatches are packed with useful features for fitness enthusiasts like movement trackers and workout trackers. Some also come with pace trackers, making them the perfect workout gifts for her.

Furthermore, some smartwatches feature various settings for yoga pose progressions, as well as monthly challenge targets, personalized coaching features, and music connectivity. Therefore, they will be a great choice if you are looking for yoga gift basket ideas.

6. Running Shoes or Sneakers

Running shoes are an integral part of every runner. And as you may probably know, the best running sneakers don’t come cheap. Hence, they are one of the best gift ideas for runners.

When buying running shoes or sneakers, ensure you choose a model that is breathable, lightweight and well-cushioned.

7. Books on Yoga

Do you have a friend who swears by yoga? If so, you should consider presenting them with books on yoga on their special occasion.

What makes books on yoga an ideal choice is that they are easy to follow, regardless of whether your friend is a seasoned yogi or an amateur. They feature simple instructions and images of various poses.

Besides yoga instructions and poses, these books also provide great insights and tips on yoga. So, if you are still on the fence about what to buy your yogi friend, these books will be a worthy consideration.

8. Premium Healthy Recipes

Staying fit entails more than working out. You also need to follow a healthy diet. However, your friend, family member or colleague who works out may sometimes need some inspiration on deciding which foods to prepare. And this is where healthy meal plans and recipe books come in.

These meal plans and gift books feature hundreds of easy-to-prepare and delicious recipes. And gifting them these books and recipe plans will not only save them time during meal preparation, but will also add convenience to their fitness journey.

On the other hand, you can make your life even more convenient if you opt for delicious premade low-carb meals from a meal kit company. This option takes the guesswork out of nutrition and portion sizes, perfect for a busy fitness enthusiast. Plus, it ensures they're fueling their bodies with the right kind of energy without spending hours in the kitchen.

Even the more obscure and trendy nutritional options are covered by this growing market. So whether you want to add an online keto meal delivery service to your gift basket, or cater to the needs of vegans, it’s all within reach.

9. Personal Training Membership

Personal training memberships don’t come cheap. On average, it costs around $50 per hour. And this will translate to around $500 per month, simply for training 3 hours per day.

Therefore, if you have someone close and you are not sure what to get them as a New Year’s gift, then you should consider paying for their gym membership. You can pay for them for one month, two months, three months or any duration that you prefer. And they will greatly appreciate your gift.

10. Yoga Mats

You can never go wrong with a yoga mat as a yoga gift basket idea. Yoga mats are free of toxins. Also, they are made of rubber and latex, making them safe for people with allergy issues. So, whether your friend will be doing their yoga sessions in a yoga studio or at home, a yoga mat will considerably enhance their yoga practice.

11. Workout Bars

Workout bars are a versatile piece of equipment, which you can gift to your fitness friend. With a workout bar, your spouse, friend, colleague or family member can work out anywhere, even when traveling. They can attach this bar on anything sturdy such as a doorway and crank some pull-ups and dips.

12. Merino Cuffed Beanie

The harsh winter weather can make it hard for your loved one to go for their morning runs, hike or other outdoor fitness activities. Fortunately, a cuffed beanie can solve that issue. A cuffed beanie will keep them toasty and warm.

And since merino is considered a temperature-regulating material, they will not experience any overheating issues. Furthermore, merino wool repels odor naturally and wicks away moisture. Furthermore, it dries fast, making it the perfect gift to add to your health and wellness gift basket for runners, hikers and other fitness enthusiasts.

13. Sandbag

A sandbag is a versatile piece of workout that you can get for someone who works out at home. With a sandbag, they can press it, squat it, carry it, or throw it. Simply put, they can work almost every muscle group in the body. Furthermore, they can also do cardio with a sandbag, even in a room with space limitations. They simply need to fill it with sand and they can work out anywhere.

14. Fitness Bands

Similar to sandbags and workout bars, fitness bands are another space-saving, versatile workout equipment. And you can gift them to any of your close associates, who loves working out at home.

Fitness bands are available in varying levels of thickness. They can start with the thicker ones and then move to the thinner ones as they progress.

15. Running Shorts

Training or running shorts will always be a great health and fitness gift idea. And they will be highly appreciated. When buying training or running shorts, ensure you go for those with breathable mesh fabric. They should also have pockets so that the user can find somewhere to stash their phone, wallet and keys.

16. Golf Ball Set

If you are looking for workout gift basket ideas for a golfer on your contact list, then a set of golf balls will be a welcome gift. Whether your golfer friend is playing a few rounds of golf over the weekend or trying to improve their short game, they will have enough balls for that.

17. Wrapping It Up

Whether your loved one is a yoga fanatic, an avid runner or a bodybuilding freak, there’s fitness present out there, which can considerably enhance their fitness journey. And as you can see, you have plenty of options to choose from. So, whether you decide to gift them a pair of headphones, training shorts, multipurpose gym bag, personal training membership, they will greatly appreciate any gift from this list.

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