How to Use "Behind the Scenes" Content on Social Media (Plus 2 Fun Content Ideas to Try)

Alright, gather round folks—it's time we chat about the goldmine of engagement that is "behind-the-scenes" content on social media. This stuff's like catnip for your followers; it pulls back the curtain on the usual polished posts and gives them a peek at the real hustle that goes on. It’s genuine, it’s raw, and let me tell you, people can't seem to get enough of it.

Now don't just stand there with your camera at the ready—I'm also here to dish out a couple of top-notch ideas for unleashing behind-the-scenes magic on your feeds. These nuggets of content goodness are sure to jazz up your socials and keep your audience scrolling for more! Keep reading for the info you need to succeed with this strategy.

1. Unleashing the Authenticity Effect: Using BTS Content Like a Pro

So you've got a grasp on what behind-the-scenes content is all about, but how do you make it sing on your socials? It's not just a matter of slapping together some random clips and calling it a day. You gotta serve up that authenticity with style. Here are some hot tips to get you rolling:

Storytime Strategy: Spin a narrative with your BTS content. People dig stories, so weave yours into these sneak peeks. Show them the journey of your product from an idea doodled on a napkin to the masterpiece that hits their doorstep.

Consistency is Key: Keep 'em hooked by establishing regular BTS segments or features. Maybe it's "Messy Desk Mondays" showing where all those brainstorms happen, or "Friday Fails" celebrating when things go hilariously wrong.

Sneak Attack: Use BTS content as little teasers for upcoming launches or events. A blurred prototype here, snippets of event prep there—it's like leaving breadcrumbs leading to the hype house that will really boost engagement.

Unscripted Moments: Sometimes ditching the script can work wonders! Capture those impromptu debates over design or candid laughter during break time—the unplanned stuff that shows how your team really interacts and the passion they bring to the table.

Engagement Boost: Flip the script and ask your followers what they think. Snap a pic of two designs and let 'em vote on their fave. Or drop a cheeky poll asking which version of an epic fail is more relatable.

The Real MVPs: Don't just keep the camera focused on the product—spotlight the people making it all happen. From Steve in accounting’s killer spreadsheet skills to Mia from marketing’s latte art, give some love to those unsung heroes of the workspace. This kind of recognition is good for morale as well!

Now that you're armed with these tactics, you’re primed to turn ‘just another post’ into ‘must-watch’ content. Stick around as we dive into some fun behind-the-scenes ideas guaranteed to make your follower counts bounce higher than a cat chasing a laser pointer!

2. Show Your Production Process (e.g. Mash Hopping for a Brewery)

If you're crafting beers and nurturing a community of hop-heads and malt mavens on social media, there's no better way to keep 'em engaged than showing off that sacred mash hopping process. Enlighten your followers by breaking down the steps in creating their favorite brews.

Got tanks and kettles? Take us behind-the-scenes where the magic happens - from selecting hops to the bittersweet symphony of fermentation.

Time-lapse is your best bud here. Capture grain being stirred into the mash tun or bottling day when liquid gold takes to glass. Fast-paced clips like these are shareable gold.

Ever thought about live video Q&A sessions right from inside the brewery? Field questions as you work—it’s an authentic interaction folks love.

Take this tip as gospel: people get a kick out of seeing stuff made, especially if it ends up being something they can enjoy themselves later on with friends. We’re talking connection, education, entertainment—a trifecta of win!

3. "Day in the Life" Diaries: Humanizing Your Brand

Far from being a reality TV show, this is your chance to showcase the heartbeat of your brand through the eyes of those who know it best - your team. Ditching the hard sell for relatable moments goes miles with an audience that craves connection. Here’s how you can nail it:

Start with a “Takeover Tuesday” where different team members hijack your account to give followers their personalized play-by-play of life at work or while telecommuting.

Capture everything from morning routines and coffee runs to brainstorms in boardrooms (or Zoom rooms). It’s about showing there's more to work life than endless meetings and inbox overload: There are real humans behind those email signatures!

Go beyond job titles; let followers feel like they’re hangin’ out with colleagues—agony over broken copiers, goofy birthday celebrations, post-lunch food comas, all of it.

Letting people peek behind-the-scenes stokes that vibe of transparency and trust. When folks see themselves in the day-to-day shuffle of someone else's workday, that's just you weaving community threads tighter.

4. Final Thoughts

Alright, social sleuths, that’s a wrap on our backstage pass to killer behind-the-scenes content. Go ahead, try these ideas out and watch as your social feeds turn into bustling hangouts.

Real talk? It's your unfiltered tales and genuine snapshots that'll stick with peeps long after they've scrolled by. Now get out there and make some social waves!

Jay Bats

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