7 Useful AI Online Tools For Your Blog

It takes a lot of effort and time to maintain a blog regularly, filling it with engaging textual and visual content. Besides, you need to make some effort to promote your blog and to expand its audience. And this is where various online tools based on AI can help you. Whether you need to find the most catchy headline, to select material on the topic, to check your text for grammar and spelling, to illustrate it with unique images or to optimize it for search engines, you can find AI assistants for every task.

In this post, we are going to examine 7 AI online tools you can use to streamline the process of the creation of your blog and to make it more efficient and less time consuming. Let’s get started.

1. Simplified AI

Simplified AI is an online platform designed to generate various types of content - text, images, videos - according to your prompts and multiple templates available. Many of them are useful for blogging, helping you generate ideas and titles, create compelling introductions, conclusions, distinct paragraphs on the given topic and even the whole SEO friendly blog articles with the Blog Wizard.

Simplified AI supports more than 20 languages, is integrated with Grammarly, offers a tool for plagiarism detection, an AI chatbot and a brandbook. Moreover, you can export your blogs directly to Shopify and Wordpress. Some tools are available for free, but to use Simplified AI to its full potential, you have to go Pro from $12 a month.

2. Adobe Firefly

If you need to generate high-quality images to illustrate your blog articles, try this free and easy-to-use AI tool from Adobe. All you have to do is to open the Adobe Firefly website and to type your text description of the image you want to get. The process can take some time, but the results are quite impressive, detailed and realistic.

If you want the generated image to match some specific structure and style, you can upload a reference picture. Using it as a template, the AI will create a similar but still a unique image. Moreover, as this image generator was trained on the free-to-use Adobe Stock images, it provides you with commercial-safe content.

3. Online Image Background Remover

If you wish to create product images on transparent or white background or to combine two or more images to make original collages for your blog, you need to remove the images backdrop. The best way to do so is to use an AI online tool, like this image background remover for PC. It is completely free and automatic, capable of erasing the backdrop of any image you upload in a click.

You can export your edited image as a PNG file with a transparent background to integrate it to your blog or website or to add a background of your choice later. Otherwise, the tool offers a variety of background images and colors to add right away.

4. Podcastle

Provided that many people prefer listening to podcasts rather than reading long articles, you may be interested in transforming your texts into audio files. Podcastle is a versatile online platform for recording, editing and stocking audio and video content. Thanks to its smart text-to-speech technology and the AI-driven Revoice functionality conceived to replicate human voice, you can streamline the process of podcasts creation.

Other AI tools help you polish your audio content, removing distracting sounds or silence, automatically leveling your audio and adding background music or sound effects, if needed. Podcastle is available on the monthly subscription basis starting from $11.99.

5. FeedHive

To ensure that your posts appear regularly on social media and get the maximum number of views, try FeedHive – an AI-powered platform for social media posts management and scheduling.

It offers all the tools you need to manage your content delivery and communication with your audience: visual planning, social inbox, suggestions of best publishing time, predictions of your post success, content-recycling, hashtags, your followers activity analytics, cross post in all of your socials in a click, with adjustment to the right format, inbuilt AI chat based on GPT-4 to help you improve your posts and come up with new ideas, and more. Paid plans start at $19 a month.

6. AnswerThePublic

The best way to meet your followers’ and customers’ exact needs is to use the right keywords and phrases in your texts. There are a lot of SEO tools on the market, but most of them are quite expensive. AnswerThePublic is the happy exception here. You can use it for free with some limitations or buy for a very low price of $99 for a lifetime or subscribe from only $6 a month.

What can you do with this tool? Get the real search insights of your target audience to optimize your content on purpose. You tap your search, and it provides you with visually presented volume and CPC metrics, as well as all the related searches. You will also see the possible longtail key terms you can use to closely match your potential readers and customers queries.

7. Uberflip

To improve your readers’ experience, you’d better organize your blog articles into different sections conforming to their topics. You can do it easily with the help of the AI-based online tool Uberflip. After creating your topics catalog and arranging all your blog posts into a centralized library, it makes recommendations to your blog’s visitors according to the posts they have read, helping them to navigate through your blog.

Moreover, Uberflip helps you customize your content for different segments of your audience, guaranteeing that every reader is offered content that is adapted to their needs.

Wrapping Up

To keep up with modern marketing trends and effectively develop your blog, take advantage of the extensive opportunities provided by AI online tools. Try different tools to create sought-after text and multimedia content and to promote your blog in search engines and social networks. Experiment, find what suits you best, and always be on the cutting edge of progress.

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