80 Fitness Hashtags to Grow Your Instagram Account

Workout videos and photos, meal preparation plans, fitness journeys and fitness routines make up a considerable amount of content that you will find on Instagram. And if you happen to visit Instagram today, you will notice that health and fitness accounts have one of the largest followings on the platform.

So, if you are a personal trainer, a fitness instructor, a yoga instructor, a gym owner or anyone else who runs a fitness business, Instagram can provide you with a great opportunity of growing your fitness brand.

And regardless of the type of Instagram fitness business that you are running, a good selection of Instagram fitness hashtags can help your account to get more likes and comments, thus helping to grow your Instagram fitness account.

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1. Why Use Instagram Fitness Hashtags?

As mentioned above, good workout & gym hashtags can help to expand your reach and grow your audience. Here are the incredible benefits of using fitness Instagram hashtags.

1.1 Increases Your Brand’s Exposure and Discovery

Incorporating hashtags into your Instagram fitness content strategy can help to boost your fitness brand’s exposure and discovery. Whenever an Instagram user clicks on a particular hashtag, it will lead them to a gallery, featuring a combination of the latest and top posts. And from there, the user will explore all the related posts. So, if your post is among the featured ones, there will be more people interacting with it. Consequently, your brand will become more visible.

1.2 More Audience Interactions

Instagram workout hashtags and fitness Instagram hashtags are searchable and clickable. Therefore, they will provide another form of engagement for the content that you post on your Instagram fitness account. Using specific hashtags will help to place your content directly in front of your target audience, resulting in more interactions. And if your content is consistently generating more interactions, you can expect your following to grow.

1.3 Content Research

Creating relevant, informative and high-quality content for your fitness Instagram account is not always easy. And it will even be harder if you have a tight schedule. For instance, if you want to create weight loss content for your audience, you will have to conduct some research, which may take some time. Fortunately, weight loss hashtags on Instagram can save you a considerable amount of time. You simply need to visit Instagram and check the type of content tagged with weight loss hashtags. And from there, you can borrow some ideas, which will help to create content relevant to your audience.

1.4 Competitor Analysis

As you may expect, you will be competing with hundreds of other Instagram fitness brands. Therefore, it’s important to know how much space your competitors are taking up in the digital market space.

And to do that, you will need to conduct some competitor analysis. The good news is, you can leverage Instagram gym hashtags, Instagram fitness hashtags and fitness Instagram hashtags to conduct simple market research.

Considering that your competitors are already using similar hashtags, you can check their level of interaction and engagement versus yours. From there, it will be easy to understand where your content is coming up short compared to your competitors’ content. You can then use that information to implement the necessary changes.

1.5 Build a Community

Instagram fitness hashtags can also provide an incredible and powerful means of building your online community. For instance, you can come up with some particular hashtags, which are specific to your brand. Such hashtags will bring together all the people interacting with your posts, thus building a community of like-minded followers.

2. Top Fitness Instagram Hashtags

Are you a personal trainer looking to grow your brand’s visibility on Instagram? Or are you a gym owner, looking to inspire your gym members to pursuit their workout goals? Regardless of the type of fitness business you are running, adding some of the top fitness hashtags on Instagram, may help you to attract followers while helping your audience to pursue its fitness goals.

Here are a few popular fitness Instagram hashtags that you can add to your posts.

  • #workout
  • #bodybuilding
  • #healthyliving
  • #weightloss
  • #gym
  • #fit
  • #fitnessaddict
  • #fitnessfreaks
  • #fitnessfun
  • #fitspiration
  • #gymjunkie
  • #fitnessmadness
  • #exercisetime
  • #InstaFitness
  • #weightlossjourney
  • #obesetobeast
  • #fitnessdedication

2.2 Personal Training Instagram Hashtags

Instagram provides a huge online market for personal trainers. For instance, you can use it to generate more exposure for your personal training business, in an attempt to attract more clients. And it’s not as hard as some people assume it is. You simply need to create attractive content and then add some hashtags to your posts. Here are a selection of personal training Instagram hashtags that you can incorporate into your workouts:

  • #Personaltraining
  • #Personaltrainer
  • #Teamwork
  • #Squadgoals
  • #Personalfitness
  • #Fitnesscoach
  • #Onlinetrainer
  • #Fitfriends
  • #Fitsquad

2.3 Workout and Gym Hashtags

Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for inspiration, motivation and workout ideas on Instagram. So, whenever you are posting your workout videos or photos, be sure to incorporate some of the top gym Instagram hashtags, that are currently trending. These hashtags will make your content easier to find. Some of the hashtags that you can use include:

  • #Workoutroutine
  • #Nopainnogain
  • #Workhardplayhard
  • #Workoutvideos
  • #Weighttraining
  • #Trainhard
  • #Girlswholift
  • #Toningandshredding
  • #Gymlife
  • #Workouttime

2.4 Yoga Hashtags

Yoga is a popular health, wellness and fitness practice, with a wide range of mental, physical, and psychological benefits. And as a passionate yogi, you may feel the need to share your yoga poses with the world and inspire others. At the same time, if you run a yoga fitness studio, you may want to market your business on Instagram and attract more clients. Whichever the case, yoga hashtags will help you to connect with other yoga lovers across the globe or with potential yoga students. Here are some Instagram yoga hashtags for your followers:

  • #Yogalove
  • #Yogalife
  • #Vinyasa
  • #Namaste
  • #Practicedaily
  • #Myyogalife
  • #Yogadaily
  • #Yogaeverywhere
  • #Restorativeyoga
  • #Instayoga
  • #Eatsleepyoga
  • #Yogajourney

2.5 Running Hashtags

Instagram has a massive running community. From short distance runners to marathon runners, sprinters to relay runners, you can find almost all types of running communities on Instagram. Whether you want to connect with fellow runners, share your training progress, hire new trainers, or you are preparing for an upcoming marathon, you can easily do so using some of these Instagram running hashtags.

  • #Runningmotivation
  • #Loverunning
  • #Runningcommunity
  • #Runningshoes
  • #Runnersofinstagram
  • #Marathonrunning
  • #Runnerlife
  • #Runningtips
  • #Halfmarathon
  • #Trailrunner

2.6 Bodybuilding Hashtags

Are your followers always asking you for workout tips? Or are you preparing for an upcoming bodybuilding competition? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you can leverage the power of Instagram bodybuilding hashtags. These kinds of hashtags may help to boost your following or inspire some of your followers to hit the gym.

  • #Bodybuilding
  • #Powerbuilding
  • #Olympicweightlifting
  • #Bodybuildinglifestyle
  • #Weighlifting
  • #Legworkoutday
  • #Musclegains
  • #Swolelife
  • #Shredded
  • #Bodytransformation

2.7 Motivation and Inspiration Hashtags

Living a healthier lifestyle is a New Year’s goal for most people. Unfortunately, only a few manage to see through their fitness goals. Some of the people who give up along the way do it due to a lack of inspiration and motivation. And you can be the inspiration and motivation that such people need.

  • #Findyourstrong
  • #Hardworkdedication
  • #Gymmotivation
  • #Gogetfit
  • #Goalsetting
  • #Youcandoit
  • #Exercisemotivation
  • #Trainlikeaboss
  • #Bestlifeproject
  • #Fitnessmotivation
  • #Gymmotivation
  • #Progressnotperfection
  • #bodymotivation

3. Tips for Using Instagram Fitness Hashtags

As you can see, you have hundreds of Instagram fitness hashtags to choose from. However, these hashtags will only boost your engagement and grow your following, if you implement them properly. Here are a few tips on how to use Instagram fitness hashtags for maximum results.

3.1 Use the Optimal Number

When it comes to Instagram fitness hashtags, some people will advise you to use as many hashtags as possible per post while others will tell you to include a handful only.

So, what’s the optimal number? Well, there’s no straightforward answer to this question.

If you are creating a caption for an Instagram post, then you should use around one to three hashtags, since this section has some limitations on the number of characters. On the other hand, if you decide to enter hashtags as the first comment on your post, then you can add as many as thirty hashtags.

3.2 Use Relevant Hashtags

While hashtags have the power to grow your engagement and following, they will only be effective if you choose the relevant one.

So, whenever you are posting a photo, video, meme or any other type of fitness content on Instagram, you should only use relevant hashtags.

For instance, if you are posting bodybuilding tips, then they should be accompanied by bodybuilding Instagram hashtags and avoid other generic hashtags.

With fitness Instagram hashtags, the point is getting your post in front of the right people, as opposed to being seen by many people.

3.3 Add Hashtags to Instagram Stories

As much as Instagram Stories disappear within 24 hours, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of using your hashtags here. Instagram stories will also show up in the platform’s search results. Therefore, they will help you to reach more potential followers.

4. Closing Remarks

With their distinctive ability to reach millions of users across the globe and gain visibility, hashtags are a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. So, whether you are looking to launch a new fitness Instagram business, you want to boost your brand’s awareness or you are launching a new fitness Instagram service, Instagram fitness hashtags are a guaranteed means of boosting your brand’s voice on Instagram.

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