How to Write a Fitness Blog Post Worth Reading and Sharing

As a health and fitness expert, fitness blogging provides you with an opportunity to share your expertise with the world and establish yourself as an expert in the health, wellness and fitness industry.

But, the fitness blogging niche is highly competitive. Every day, newcomers enter the fray. Every day, thousands of fitness blog posts and articles are published, because they all want their own piece of the pie. Fitness enthusiasts plenty of blog posts to choose from. But they only have so much time in a day.

Therefore, if you are looking to make a name for yourself in this niche, you will need to learn how to craft a fitness blog post, which will stand out from the crowd. However, crafting a fitness blog post that your readers will enjoy and share is not as hard as it may appear. In this article, we will take you through how to write a fitness blog post worth reading and sharing.

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1. Choose a Great Topic

Crafting a fitness blog post that your readers will enjoy reading and sharing begins with choosing the right fitness blog post topic. Regardless of how many hours you spend crafting your blog post, if the topic doesn’t interest your audience, then no one will bother reading it.

And to identify the right topic, you will need to do thorough research. While the research process may be tedious or time-consuming, it’s the most important step. For your research, you can head over to Google and search for similar topics. Google will give you hundreds of results.

Check what has already been covered and see if you can come up with a post that can provide better content. Also, read the comments left behind on the existing articles and check whether there’s something, your competitors haven’t addressed.

Also, you should go to Quora. Quora is one of the best platforms when it comes to finding questions that people are asking about everyday issues and topics. You can then use that information as inspiration for your own fitness blog post. Fitness-related Facebook groups can also provide great topics that you can blog about in your fitness blog post.

By investing a considerable amount of your time and effort in research, you will be able to come up with a topic idea that your readers will enjoy reading. On the other hand, if you don’t do proper research, you may end up writing an article that is similar to what is already out there. And, there’s a high chance no one will bother reading, leading to wasted time and energy.

2. Create a Catchy Heading

Attention spans are extremely short these days. Today, the average person’s attention span is approximately eight seconds. And this short attention span can be attributed to the abundance of information presented to the consumer. Besides, only 20% of people will bother reading an article while 80% will only read the heading.

Therefore, if your headings or subheadings are dull or bland, it’s highly likely a potential reader will lose interest in your fitness blog post, without bothering to check what the rest of the article is all about. And this underlines the importance of powerful and catchy headlines.

3. Hook the Reader with a Catchy Intro

The introduction of your fitness blog post is equally important as the header. In fact, the intro is more like an appetizer. If you are served food and the appetizer is bland, you may not feel like proceeding to the main cause. And this is also the case with intros. If your intro is boring, then it’s highly likely the person will not read the rest of it. Consequently, they will not share your article.

One of the easiest ways of encouraging a reader to proceed with the rest of the article is by jumping straight into the topic promised by your headline. For example, if you are writing a fitness blog post on how to maintain fitness during pregnancy, the introduction should acknowledge the fitness-related challenges that pregnant women go through. You should then go ahead to state that the article is there to help provide a solution for pregnant women. With such an introduction, it’s highly likely the person will proceed to read the rest of the article, to uncover the tips that you will cover.

4. Narrow Your Focus

As earlier mentioned, the fitness blogging niche is extremely competitive. So, if you want to stand out from the noise and ensure your fitness blog posts will be read, it’s advisable to narrow your niche.

Writing a generic blog post is the easiest way to ensure that no one will interact with your article. For instance, there are currently thousands of articles online about fitness tips for women. Instead of writing such a generic article, you can simply niche down to yoga tips for pregnant women.

When you niche down, you will provide real value to a specific audience. And, it’s highly likely that the reader will share your fitness blog post on their social media platforms, further increasing its reach.

5. Use Paragraphs and Lists to Optimize Readability

If you are wondering how to create fitness blog posts that people will want to read and share, then you will need to optimize them properly. While you may have crafted a great article, if it’s difficult to read, then most people will not read or even share it. Fortunately, you can easily enhance your article’s readability that using paragraphs and lists.

Before you begin writing your fitness blog post, make sure you create an outline and divide the text into several subheadings. The subheadings will break down your text into paragraphs, instead of having a single block of text.

Also, try to incorporate numbered or bulleted lists wherever possible. Numbered or bulleted lists will make your article easy to scan, again encouraging the person to read the entire post.

6. Leverage Images

One of the most effective ways of encouraging someone to read your fitness blog post is by including images. When properly used, images will help to break up the text in your fitness blog post.

And considering that most people these days prefer scanning a blog post as opposed to reading every word, sprinkling images throughout your article will make it more visually appealing and less intimidating.

Furthermore, including relevant images will help the reader to understand your content better. For example, if you are explaining a certain workout routine, images will provide an easier explanation, compared to plain text.

So, if someone was looking for information about that particular workout routine, it’s highly likely they will click on your article since it will provide a clearer understanding.

7. Inject Humor Into Your Fitness Blog Post

If you have been paying close attention to various social media platforms, you may have probably noticed that humorous content tends to generate the most likes, comments and shares. Simply put, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with humor.

So, if you are wondering how to create a fitness blog post that your readers will enjoy reading and sharing, then you should add a pinch of humor to it. But, don’t overdo it.

8. Add Trust Elements

There are thousands of fitness blog posts out there. And even if you narrow your niche, it’s highly likely there are hundreds of other blog posts out there, covering a similar topic to your article.

The question is, why should a reader choose to read your article instead of the others? Well, one of the most effective ways of standing out from the competition is to make your fitness blog post trustworthy. If a potential reader knows that your article is authoritative and well-researched, it’s highly likely they will click on it and read it.

To make your fitness blog post trustworthy, you should support the points you’ve made by linking out to reliable and authoritative sources. These sources can be government sites, mainstream media sources, education institutions and experts in that topic. Linking out to authoritative sources will add trust and credibility to your fitness post.

9. Edit Your Fitness Blog Post

Once you finish writing your fitness blog post, you will need to go a step further and edit it, before you hit that publish button. During editing, you need to read the entire article and fix all grammatical errors, sentence structure issues, and spelling mistakes, among others.

Apart from fixing the grammatical errors and sentence structure problems, you should also remove any repetition. Check whether there are phrases and words that you keep repeating unnecessarily. Also, you should run your article through a plagiarism checker to ensure its content is unique.

Tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway can help you to fix both basic and complex errors while Copyscape will help you to check for the originality of your work. You can also request a friend or a colleague to proof-read your work. And if you are satisfied with the quality of your work, you can then go ahead and publish it.

10. Wrapping It Up

Writing a fitness blog post worth reading and sharing may appear challenging the first time you do it. But, by following the tips and ideas we’ve provided in this article, you can be sure of writing fitness blog posts that your audience will love reader and sharing.

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