How to Write a Personal Trainer Sales Script that Delivers Results?

When it comes to pitching a service or potential fitness clients, there’s a high chance you will use a personal training sales script. A sales script is essential and should've been part of your business plan. If it wasn't, then retroactively include it.

So, what exactly is a sales script? A sales script is a written dialogue, featuring a set of talking points that sales reps use when speaking to potential fitness clients.

However, some people complain that sales scripts don’t work. Others say that a personal trainer sales script may make the pitch appear boring. But, this is not always the case. When written well, a sales script can provide an effective means of engaging potential fitness clients.

So, how do you write an effective personal trainer sales script that works? Well, creating an effective personal training sales script is not as hard as it may appear. In this article, we will walk you through the benefits of having a personal trainer script, as well as how to create one that works effectively for your fitness business.

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1. Benefits of Creating a Personal Trainer Sales Script

Creating a personal training sales script comes with numerous benefits. Here are the key ones:

1.1 It Will Help You to Prepare Adequately

A well-written sales script will anticipate the questions your prospective fitness clients may have. Also, it will help you identify areas where potential clients can pick apart your sales pitch. Therefore, you will prepare adequately and the chances of converting prospective fitness clients to full-time members will be equally high.

1.2 Keep Your Sales Pitch Consistent

Whether you are pitching to clients alone or you have a team of 10 people or more, you need to keep your messaging consistent. And this is where a personal trainer sales script comes in.

With a personal trainer sales script, everyone will be reading from the same page while delivering the same vital points.

But, this is not to mean that you have to follow the script strictly. You can sometimes tweak it slightly, depending on the situation while ensuring the messaging remains intact.

1.3 Enhanced Conversion Rate

When your sales team already has an idea of what the potential personal training clients will say, there will be a higher level of engagement.

Consequently, there’s a high chance that a second meeting will take place. And if your sales team handles it with professionalism, there’s a high chance the prospect will convert.

2. How to Create an Effective Personal Trainer Sales Script

Without a doubt, a personal training sales script will come in handy when you are pitching to prospective personal training clients.

The question is, how do you create an effective personal trainer sales script that will deliver results? Here are some tips to guide you:

2.1 Identify Your Service

A personal trainer sales script should revolve around the specific personal training services that you will be offering.

Whether you will be offering yoga lessons, bodybuilding classes, CrossFit workouts, or cardio classes, you will need to be clear about the personal training services that you will be offering.

If you are not clear about the personal training services that you will be offering, it will be extremely hard to make your messaging clear.

2.2 Identify Your Target Audience

Once you’ve pinpointed the personal training services that you will be offering, you then need to go ahead and identify your target audience.

For instance, if you choose to be a bodybuilding trainer, you will need to identify your specific target client. You can opt to train professional athletes, young people, women, people recovering from injuries or senior citizens.

Honing in on your target audience will help you to come up with a stronger message since you will specifically tailor it to them, identify their pain points, discuss how you can help them and state why your personal training services are the best choice for them.

2.3 State Your Benefits

Now that you’ve already honed in on your target audience, you need to state how your personal training services will be beneficial to them. You should come up with at least five benefits or even more.

For example, if you’ve chosen to be a bodybuilding trainer for young people, some of the benefits that you can list in your personal trainer sales script include:

  • Creating a personalized workout plan
  • Creating a personalized diet plan
  • Teaching proper form
  • Motivating and celebration

2.4 Focus on the Prospect’s Pain Points

Apart from highlighting the benefits of your personal training services, you will also need to demonstrate to the prospect how those benefits can address their pain points.

A good way of identifying your prospect’s pain points is to go over your personal training benefits.

Each benefit that you’ve listed can be tied to a pain point. For instance, the prospect may be finding it hard to achieve their bodybuilding goals due to lack of a personalized workout plan, poor diet, poor form or lack of motivation.

Once you have identified your prospect’s pain points, you can then ask them questions related to those problems.

2.5 Close Your Personal Training Sales Script

Just like an ordinary sales pitch, your personal trainer sales script will also need a closing or a conclusion. And as for the closing, it should have the ultimate goal that drives the prospect towards signing up for your personal training services.

3. Personal Training Sales Script Template

Now that you already know the key elements to include in your personal training sales script, it’s now time to go ahead and create an actual one. Here are the key features that your personal trainer sales script should have:

3.1 A Great Introduction

Your personal trainer sales script will need a powerful introduction. If it lacks an attention-grabbing introduction, there’s a high chance your prospect will hang up before you explain why you are calling.

For the introduction, make it professional and brief. If possible, you should address the prospect by name to capture their attention.

The introduction should have a brief introduction about your brand, the name of your fitness center, and the services you offer. As part of the introduction, you should ask the prospect whether they can spare a few minutes to talk.

In case the prospect is busy at the moment, you can then set up a different date and time.

3.2 Value Statement

Once you’ve introduced yourself, you should then explain quickly why you are calling. The goal here is to make a great impression on your prospect, to keep listening and ultimately sign up for your personal training services.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not the time to talk about the benefits or features of your personal training services.

Instead, you will give a brief statement, explaining to the prospect what problem your personal training services can solve.

When done effectively, value statements can encourage the prospect to continue listening to your call.

3.3 Qualifying Questions

Once you’ve introduced yourself and stated your value statements, you then need to proceed to the qualifying questions.

The qualifying questions will help you to determine whether the individual is part of your target audience. If they are not part of your target audience, then there’s no point in continuing the conversation.

3.4 Problems and Pain Points

If the prospect is part of your target audience, you can then go ahead and ask whether they would like to listen to what you have to offer.

And if the prospect agrees, you can then proceed to discuss some of the pain points they may be forcing.

Discussing their pain points will also open an opportunity to pitch your personal training services as the answer to their problems.

3.5 Information About Your Personal Training Services

At this point, you’ve already identified your prospect’s pain points and you are sure your personal training services can solve them.

Here, you will offer more details to the prospect about your fitness brand as well as how your personal training services are the best answer to their problems.

You will mention the benefits you had listed earlier while ensuring you tie each benefit to each pain point your personal training prospect may be experiencing.

3.6 Credibility Statements

Claiming that your personal training services are the best and they will help to solve the prospect’s issues doesn’t mean they will believe and trust you.

After all, even an amateur personal trainer can get on the phone and claim to offer effective solutions to the prospect’s problems.

So, you will need to convince the prospective personal training client to trust you and take you seriously. And this is where credibility statements come in.

For credibility statements, you can point out great results you have achieved for other personal training clients. It also helps to be officially certified.

3.7 Call to Action

A sales call should encourage a prospect to sign up for your personal training services or schedule an appointment later on, where you can provide more details about your personal training services.

Therefore, it should have a call to action where you ask the prospect whether they are ready to sign up for your services or ask them when they can create time for a more detailed call.

Depending on how the conversation goes, you can then end the call by thanking the prospective personal training client for their time.

4. Wrapping It Up

A personal training sales script can be an effective marketing tool for your personal training business. And by following the tips we’ve provided above, you will easily create a powerful personal trainer sales script, which will convert prospects to long-term clients.

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