Current Trends in the US Fitness Industry: An Overview

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or operate a business in the industry, you may have noticed that there are always new trends that shape how people take care of their bodies. Examples of relatively new trends include things such as using wearable devices to make exercise-related decisions or engaging in virtual workout training. Let’s take a look at a few current trends in the US fitness industry and how they are impacting businesses and consumers alike.

Trend 1: Outdoor Exercises Continue To Enjoy An Unusually High Popularity

For most of our history as a species, we did not have warm homes with doors and windows. Not surprisingly, we still enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. Engaging in outdoor activities as part of exercise routines has become unusually popular in the last 2 years.

The reason for this trend should be obvious – after spending months at home as a result of Covid lockdowns, people have gained a new appreciation for just how good it is to be “outside”. We have yet to forget the effects of having spent so much time indoors and, as a result, the popularity of hiking, jogging, cycling, or Bootcamp group fitness classes is likely to remain higher than before the pandemic.

Trend 2: Virtual Workout Classes Are Becoming More Mainstream

Another effect of the pandemic is that society has started to test the efficacy of online classes more than ever before. Fitness training has been no exception to this trend, and many fitness companies have introduced online classes during the lockdowns.

While the popularity of online classes is probably not as high compared to traditional fitness classes, one can expect to see an increased number of companies offering mixed memberships that allow fitness enthusiasts to practice both in class and at home. Such memberships can be especially useful to consumers who do not have enough time to attend fitness classes regularly.

As fitness-tracking wearables become more effective, their popularity also increases. Initially, these devices were able to give you insights into some training performance metrics, which is quite useful in some situations but redundant in others.

More recently, some of these devices can also provide data on stress hormone reactions, blood oxygen levels, and sleep metrics. According to Fortune Business Insider, the fitness tracker market size is expected to reach $114.36 billion by 2028. Given these data, one can only expect that the capabilities of these devices will continue to increase along with their popularity.

Trend 4: Mindfulness And Other Meditation Practices Are Also Enjoying A Spike In Their Popularity

Combining meditation with physical exercises has always been a good idea for enjoying good mental health. In the last few years, meditation practices such as mindfulness may have become particularly popular, perhaps as a result of the detrimental effects that the pandemic had on mental health.

While the popularity of meditation practices is likely to remain stable over the years, some fitness businesses have only recently learned that combining such practices with traditional physical exercises can attract a more diverse range of customers.

Note that meditation techniques can be quite complex and you probably can’t just teach them by watching a few YouTube videos, especially if we are talking of particularly sophisticated meditation practices such as Yoga. If you do not have the right people who can help you expand the scope of your business but know who those people could be, you can go on Leadar and find information that can help you contact them, including phone numbers, emails, social profiles, and company information.

If you are a business in the fitness industry, it would be quite unfortunate if you do not know what HIIT is. This approach to fitness training consists of practicing an exercise – be it running or rowing – at a high-intensity level to lose weight, boost metabolism, or build muscles within a shorter period compared to traditional exercises.

As more and more individuals learn what HIIT is and start practicing it, businesses incorporating the practice within their classes are likely to find themselves having new customers or at least increasing the satisfaction of their existing ones.

Trend 6: Some People Now Prefer Mini-Workouts

It is not always easy to find the energy necessary to engage in hours-long workouts. One way to address this problem is by engaging in mini workouts, that is, by breaking down exercises into frequent chunks throughout the day.

By teaching mini-workouts, fitness businesses can attract customers who do not always have the energy or time to engage in traditional exercises. Mini workout routines can take place at home and fitness professionals can teach and promote them through social media and email newsletters.

Trend 7: Employing Certified Fitness Professionals Is More Important Than Ever

In a world where fake news, conspiracy theories, and shady “gurus” have become more common than ever as a result of an often-greedy social media industry, proving your credibility may be more important than ever.

One way to do so is by employing fitness trainers who are likely to know what they are doing; that is, trainers who have certified their experience. Having a trainer who is certified should ensure that workouts are safe, effective, and evidence-based. More so, having certified trainers should mean being more credible and, as such, having more customers.

Bottom Line: The Fitness Future Is Diverse And Tech-Integrated

Looking at current trends in the fitness industry, two themes emerge. First, the fitness industry is becoming more diverse in terms of practices and techniques, with things such as HHIT and mini workouts being good examples. Second, technology is becoming more relevant to the fitness landscape, as the capabilities and, consequently, the usefulness of these devices increase.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you can look at these trends to determine whether there are new things you want to incorporate into your fitness practices. If you are a business, understanding existing trends should mean a better understanding of your consumers and, as such, a higher capacity to give them what they need.

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