90 Yoga Hashtags for Instagram Engagement, Followers and Likes

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for yoga instructors and yoga influencers.

It provides a platform where you can share your yoga videos with yoga students and yoga enthusiasts from all over the globe.

However, sharing yoga videos and photos may not be enough to grow your yoga Instagram account. You will also need to interact with your followers.

And this is where yoga hashtags for Instagram come in. But, if you want to get noticed more on Instagram, you will need to select your yoga hashtags wisely.

The good news is, we’ve already done that for you. We’ve scoured the internet and selected the best yoga hashtags for Instagram.

Using these hashtags will help to boost your engagement, increase your followers and grow your fitness Instagram account.

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1. Why Use Yoga Hashtags for Instagram

When properly used, yoga hashtags for Instagram can play a vital role in your digital marketing campaigns.

They also provide a powerful means of reaching a wider audience with your posts on Instagram. Here are some reasons why you should always use yoga hashtags on Instagram.

1.1 Increase Engagement

Whenever you include hashtags in your Instagram posts, you will be taking part in a conversation that’s happening on the platform. Furthermore, Instagram yoga hashtags will help to boost your posts’ visibility in that conversation.

Consequently, this will lead to higher engagement with your posts, thus enhancing your fitness brand’s Instagram engagement through shares, comments, and likes.

Also, the increased engagement may lead to more followers, thus helping to grow your Instagram fitness account even further.

1.2 Build Brand Awareness

As a yoga instructor or influencer, you may be planning to host yoga summer classes for a certain group of yoga enthusiasts.

And yoga hashtags for Instagram can help to build awareness around those classes. You simply need to come up with a branded hashtag for the summer yoga classes.

When used this way, these branded hashtags will not only help you to connect with your followers, but your followers can also connect with each other.

And this will go a long way in helping to drive conversations around those classes and promote them.

1.3 Help Your Target Audience Find You

Using popular hashtags for Instagram will make it easier for your target audience to find you. Would you believe there even exists an Instagram hashtag generator to help you out with that?

For example, if you use #yoga on your Instagram posts or any other hashtag related to yoga, anyone who follows that hashtag will come across your recent posts. Again, this might earn you more followers.

1.4 Promote Your Local Yoga Business

If you run a yoga studio in a certain neighborhood or location, using geographical yoga hashtags in your Instagram posts can help to promote your business.

For instance, if you run yoga classes in a studio based in Atlanta, Georgia, you can use geographical hashtags like #YogaAtlanta, #YogaGeorgia, #YogaAtlantaGeorgia or any other combination, depending on your location.

When you use Instagram yoga hashtags this way, you will reach find it easier to reach local yoga enthusiasts who may be looking to join a yoga studio or a yoga community in the neighborhood.

2. Top Yoga Hashtags for Instagram

Finding the best yoga hashtags for Instagram can be a time-consuming process and laborious process. But, you don’t have to worry about it, as we’ve already done some of the hard work for you.

We’ve browsed through some of the most popular yoga Instagram accounts and compiled a list of the best and most relevant Instagram yoga hashtags. And here they are:

2.1 Yoga Meditation Hashtags

Most yoga enthusiasts undertake meditation as part of their yoga routine. It helps to make them feel mentally and spiritually alive.

If you are one of such people, then you should consider using yoga meditation hashtags. These hashtags will help you to connect with like-minded yoga enthusiasts. Some of the most popular yoga meditation hashtags include:

  • #Yogameditation
  • #Meditationyoga
  • #Meditationgoals
  • #Deepmeditationyoga
  • #Awakening
  • #Mindbody
  • #Meditation
  • #Meditationeveryday
  • #Spirituallife
  • #Mindbodypartner
  • #Meditationiskey
  • #Meditationmoment
  • #Meditationbenefits
  • #Meditationguide

2.2 Yoga Retreat Hashtags

If you are planning to host a yoga retreat, you need to promote it on various social media platforms to ensure you reach as many people as possible.

And one of the most effective ways of achieving this is by posting it regularly on your Instagram fitness page, accompanied by yoga retreat hashtags.

By using this approach, your posts will have more interactions, and you will reach more people who may be interested in coming to your retreat. Some of the yoga hashtags for retreats include:

  • #Yogaretreat
  • #Yogaretreats
  • #Luxuryyogaretreat
  • #Yogafitreatreat
  • #Retreatyoga
  • #Yogawellnessretreats
  • #Threeweekyogaretreat
  • #Yogaretreatcenter
  • #Myyogaretreat
  • #Kundaliniyogaretreat
  • #Yinyogaretreat
  • #Retreatyogastudio
  • #Wellnessretreat
  • #Travelyoga
  • #Yogainparadise
  • #Yoganomad
  • #Yogaholidays
  • #Yogaandtravel
  • #Hikeandyoga
  • #yogaforsurfers

2.3 Yoga Teacher Hashtags

Are you looking to market your yoga teaching business on Instagram? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a great list of yoga teacher hashtags, which will help you to reach hundreds of potential yoga students.

So, if you are thinking of becoming a yoga instructor or you are already one, the following hashtags will make it easier for you to reach your target audience:

  • #Yogateacher
  • #Yogastudio
  • #Yogaforall
  • #Yogastudent
  • #Yogateacherlife
  • #Yogateachers
  • #Yogatraining
  • #Onlineyoga
  • #Freeyoga
  • #Virtualyoga
  • #Yogateachertraining
  • #Yogaworkshop
  • #Kidsyogateacher
  • #Onlineyogaclasses
  • #Onlineyogaclass
  • #Yogateacherinspiration
  • #Yogateacherproblems
  • #Yogainstruction
  • #Yogateacherjourney
  • #Yogainstructor

2.4 Men Yoga Hashtags

Contrary to popular belief, yoga isn’t reserved for women only. In fact, there are thousands of men out there who practice and enjoy yoga.

If you are one of such men, posting your yoga workout videos and photos with men yoga hashtags can help to boost your content’s viewership. Some of the top men’s yoga hashtags include:

  • #Mensyoga
  • #Yogadudes
  • #Yogaeverydamnday
  • #Yogamen
  • #Yogastrong
  • #Yogadrills
  • #Acroyoga
  • #Menfitnessyoga
  • #Yogachallenge
  • #Yogainspiration
  • #Menatyoga
  • #Yogapractice
  • #Yogajourney

If your fitness Instagram account is still in its infancy stages, popular yoga hashtags can help to grow your following.

Considering that these hashtags are used by the entire yoga community, popular yoga hashtags will help to add exposure to your posts.

Whether you are sharing tips on yoga, healthy yoga meal plans or yoga quotes, these hashtags will come in handy.

  • #Yoga
  • #Yogalove
  • #Yogaeveryday
  • #Yogaeverywhere
  • #Yogapractice
  • #Yogainspiration
  • #Yogagirl
  • #Yogapose
  • #Instayoga
  • #Yogini
  • #Yogaaddict
  • #Yogaflow
  • #Flowyoga
  • #Yogastrong
  • #Yogamom
  • #Yogatime
  • #Yogafun
  • #Yogachallenge
  • #Yogamotivation
  • #Yogaathome
  • #Dailyoga
  • #Yogaposestoday
  • #Yogaposechallenge
  • #Yogaposesforbeginners
  • #asanaaddict

3. Yoga Hashtags for Instagram: Strategies for Better Engagement

Without a doubt, Instagram yoga hashtags can help you to reach a larger yoga audience, get more likes, more followers and higher engagement.

But for this strategy to work, you will need to follow Instagram hashtags best practices. Here are some tips on how to use yoga hashtags for Instagram effectively:

3.1 Choose Your Hashtags Carefully

While you have hundreds of yoga Instagram hashtags that you can use, it doesn’t mean you can use any hashtag randomly.

Instead, you should select them carefully. Every yoga Instagram hashtag that you use should be relevant to your post.

Also, you should ensure the hashtag you intend to use is active. There’s no point in using a yoga hashtag for Instagram that no one else is using.

Furthermore, Instagram also regularly shuts down misused or overused hashtags. So, make sure the hashtags you are using are relevant, intentional and active.

3.2 Don’t Misuse Hashtags

You will not grow your yoga Instagram account by stuffing your posts and captions with hashtags.

Instead, you should only use a couple of hashtags for each post. Around 8 to 10 hashtags per caption or post should be enough to do the job.

Also, avoid posting the same hashtag group multiple times a day. If you do this, your posts will appear spammy. And some people may even block you or report your account.

If you have to make several posts per day, it will be highly advisable to choose different hashtag groups.

3.3 Engage With Hashtag Users

Whenever you make a post and attach the relevant hashtags, there’s a high chance your target audience will come across it.

And some people may like or comment on your posts if they resonate with them. If they engage with your hashtags, you should also return the favor.

By engaging with your hashtag users, it’s highly likely they will follow you too. And this will help to grow your yoga Instagram account.

Any Instagram yoga hashtag with more than one million posts is way too big. And if you attach such a tag to your posts, they will only appear for a few seconds to your target audience.

From there, your posts will be buried under thousands of other posts featuring the same hashtag.

Simply put, it’s highly unlikely your target audience will interact with your posts, especially if you have a small following.

Instead, look for hashtags that have approximately 5,000 to 500,000 posts associated with them.

When you use Instagram yoga hashtags in this range, your content will be seen for a longer duration, compared to using hashtags with millions of posts.

4. Closing Remarks

Growing your yoga Instagram account and increasing its engagement is not an easy task. But, it’s manageable, thanks to the power of yoga hashtags for Instagram. By using our list of the best yoga hashtags for Instagram and following the tips we’ve provided above, your posts will connect with more people and your yoga business will thrive.

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