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Inspirational, Motivational Black & White Fitness Quotes

Maintaining a consistent workout routine can be a challenge for most people. And as a fitness professional, it’s your duty to keep motivating your target audience, so that they can remain committed to their workout routines.

By motivating them, you will help them to achieve their fitness goals. And as they achieve their fitness goals, they will be motivated to continue working out, which translates to continuous revenue for your fitness brand.

And, one of the easiest ways of motivating your target audience is by posting black & white fitness motivational quotes and sayings on your social media channels to your followers. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top fitness motivational quotes, to help inspire your clients, so that they can remain committed to their workout routines.

1. Fitness Motivational Quotes

Your target audience understands the importance of prioritizing their fitness goals. But it may still need a little nudge to get started or keep moving. And this is where these fitness motivational quotes come in. These fitness motivational quotes will give your audience that extra boost of inspiration and motivation to start their fitness journey or stick to their fitness routines.

  • A fit and healthy body is the best fashion statement
  • If you want to get ahead, then you have to get started
  • Some people want something to happen, some wish that it would happen while others will make it happen
  • If you don’t create the time and you don’t put in the work, then you will not get the results
  • If there’s something standing between you and your success, you should move it. Nothing should deny you what you want
  • Fitness is a marathon. It’s not a sprint
  • Today, you should do what other people won’t. And tomorrow, you will achieve what they can’t
  • The pain you feel today will be your strength tomorrow
  • Motivation will get you started while habit will keep you going
  • There’s only a single difference between the impossible and the possible. And that’s your determination
  • If you set your mind to something, you can always achieve it, regardless of what others are saying
  • Progress will only happen once you step outside your comfort zone

2. Motivational Workout Quotes

Some people have a love-hate relationship with exercising. And, it’s understandable. After all, working out is not the most enjoyable thing. But, giving up is not an option. The following black & white motivational workout quotes can help to inspire a member of your audience who may be feeling like quitting to continue workout out.

  • Your muscles may hurt today, but they will be stronger tomorrow
  • The last few reps are what will make your muscles grow
  • You may hate every minute of your training routine, but, you should never quit
  • If an exercise is not challenging you, then it will not change you. So, step out of your comfort zone
  • When it comes to working out, you only have two options – results or excuses. But, you can’t have both
  • Someone with a busier schedule than you is working out. So, stop looking for excuses not to work out
  • You have two options – either, you suffer the pain of regret or the pain of discipline. It’s your decision to make
  • You may not manage to enjoy a productive workout today, but, you are a hundred times better than someone who never left their couch
  • What may seem impossible today will be your warm-up tomorrow
  • Your health account and your bank account work in the same way. The more you sow, the more you can reap
  • Your body can endure almost anything. You simply need to convince your mind
  • As long as you give it your best, you will never regret it
  • Ability is what you can do, motivation will determine what you will do while attitude will influence how well you execute it
  • When it comes to exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there’s nothing like you will start tomorrow
  • If you want a different tomorrow, then you must be ready and willing to push harder than yesterday

3. Fitness Inspirational Quotes to Maintain Focus

A fitness plateau can happen to anyone. And when it does, someone may begin feeling as if they are not making any progress, whether they are trying to lose weight, get stronger or build muscle. Fortunately, a little motivation may be just what’s needed to keep on track and break this plateau. And, here are some black & white fitness motivational quotes that can provide the inspiration needed for someone who is in this situation.

  • All great accomplishments need time
  • Don’t stop when you feel tired. Only stop when you’re done
  • The only discipline that will stay with you is self-discipline
  • Keep setting your goals higher. And don’t stop until you reach them
  • Always commit to making a full effort. Even if you may feel like the odds are against you
  • Mindset is what will separate you from the rest
  • Never say you can’t do something until you’ve tried and failed
  • Continue pushing yourself hard. At the end of the day, on one will do it for you
  • Willpower works like muscle. If you keep training it, it will grow stronger
  • Once you believe you can, then you are already halfway there
  • You have two options; throwing in the towel or using it to wipe the sweat off your face
  • Achieving your goals will be a slow process. However, quitting won’t hasten it
  • Working out is supposed to be hard. If it was, everyone would have a sculptured body
  • Success is earned, not given
  • You are defined by what you repeatedly do
  • Do something today that your tomorrow will be thankful for
  • If you want to enjoy the glow of good health, then you must be ready to exercise. No shortcuts
  • Every day is another chance to train harder and get closer to your goals. So, avoid procrastinating
  • Obstacles shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals. If you come across a wall, don’t turn back or give up. You should figure out how to go through it, climb it or find a way around it

4. Short Workout Quotes

You may sometimes want to share a fitness motivational quote with your followers. But, time may not be on your side. Fortunately, there are several short, black & white fitness workout quotes, which you can type and post on social media within a minute or so. Here are some of them.

  • No pain, no gain
  • Sweat is simply fat crying
  • Hustle for that muscle
  • Fewer words, more action
  • A single workout at a time
  • You are a few squats away from a great day
  • Feeling sore? It’s the most satisfying pain
  • Exercise, eat, sleep, repeat

5. Funny Workout Quotes

Funny workout quotes can help to boost motivation while making working out even more fun. Feel free to share these funny, black & white fitness quotes with your audience whenever you want to motivate them in a fun manner.

  • If fitness came in a bottle, everyone would be fit
  • Weights before dates
  • Squats before shots
  • It’s your workout. You can cry if you want
  • Exercise is the poor man’s plastic surgery
  • Whenever life knocks you down, just do a burpee
  • May your belly get flatter and your booty get fatter
  • Breakfast and squats is the only BS you should entertain in your life
  • If you are still looking fresh after a workout session, you probably didn’t push yourself hard enough

6. Famous Fitness Motivational Quotes

  • Once you keep quitting, it soon becomes a habit – Vince Lombardi
  • A year from today, you will wish you had started – Karen Lamb
  • Most people fail because of a lack of commitment, not because they lack desire – Vince Lombardi
  • The only person you will be is the person you decide to be – Waldo Emerson
  • The competition is right in front of your mirror – John Assaraf
  • Success only comes before work in the dictionary, nowhere else – Vidal Sasson
  • You shouldn’t count the days. Instead, you should make the days count – Muhammad Ali
  • Success is usually the result of overcoming failure – Sylvester Stallone
  • As long as you give your best, then you will never regret – George Halas

7. Awesome Fitness Quotes

  • Your fitness journey should be a lifelong journey
  • A muscle is more like a car. You have to warm it up if you want it to run well in the morning
  • Stop saying you wish. Instead, start saying you will
  • The foundation for a happy life begins with good health
  • As much as it may be challenging, try to exercise and eat right
  • You may not be where you want to be. But, you are closer to your destination than you were yesterday
  • Exercise is king and nutrition is queen. If you combine them, you will have a kingdom
  • Don’t limit your challenges. Instead, challenge your limits
  • The hardest lift is lifting yourself off the couch

8. Wrapping It Up

Black & white fitness quotes are a great means of inspiring and motivating your target audience, to start their fitness journeys and follow through with their fitness goals. They can also help you to keep your audience on social media engaged. And as you can see, it’s almost impossible to run out of fitness motivational quotes to share with your audience. You simply need to choose one that aligns with the message you want to convey.

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