5 Instagram Analytic Tools that will show you all the numbers

Instagram Analytic Tools came a long way from a few years back. Only a couple of years ago, it was not an easy task to analyze your traffic, engagement or to know how your marketing campaigns are doing on Instagram. However, as the popularity of the platform grew, so did the Analytic Tools. Now, you have plenty of software available, some better than others, that you can use to analyze your Instagram success.

Sprouts Social

Sprouts Social is definitely one of the most popular Analytic Tools that you can use. It does offer, indeed, plenty of features that you need in order to understand the effectiveness of your Social Media presence. From accurate numbers to trends and nice diagrams, you have it all. Does this mean it is the best one out there? Not necessarily.

Many people argue that Sprouts Social is not only expensive, but also not completely effective if you want to focus on Instagram alone. It features all the other Social Media platforms, which means it is not completely optimized for Instagram. It will do the job, but there can be better.


If you don’t want anything complicated and you are not an expert in Analytic Tools, you will love EvolG. It offers all the information that you need to know, it has a comprehensive insight and detailed statistics, as well as amazing growth predictions and a comparison tool for competitors. Even more, it has a very clear interface and it is extremely easy to use by anyone.


Iconosquare is not the cheapest tool around, but it somehow does the job. You have the chance to have a very clear and accurate overview on your account activity, audience engagement and practical tips. However, that’s about it. There are no reports and Al analysis, no projections and none of the many features you would expect from its price. Depending on what you want, it may be worth it, but there are other options to consider.

Crowd Babble

This is a great tool that has everything you may need and much more: it has accurate analytics, predictions, diagrams and charts, growth expectations, number and tips as well as Al Analysis and audience engagement results. While all these are amazing, they don’t come for cheap, and many seem to believe that this tool is a bit too pricey compared to other similar ones on the market. In the end, you can get these for free by simply combining two of the free or very cheap software available.


This software has all the features that you may need, however not all of them are made for Instagram. As a matter of fact, you may have to struggle a bit to get to the ones that you can actually use, and it can be pretty annoying to pay for a software that you don’t fully use. Is it useful? Yes. Will it do the job? Yes. If you love a smart interface and all the features that are out there, then this is for you.

Good luck analyzing all your social media content with one of these great tools. If you are looking for social media templates go check out our templates right now to see what kind of content suits your brand.

Good luck!


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