Using Social Media Templates to Promote Beauty

If you want to succeed as an influencer in the highly competitive world of beauty, or if you are otherwise active in the world of beauty, body and mind,  you need to make sure that you are visible. Not only that, but you must be absolutely gorgeous. Your social media presence must be inspiring.

There’s only one challenge: you’re not the only one who’s trying to get attention for their brands. Beauty and lifestyle influencers are everywhere. Beauty brands use influencers to sell their products, knowing that studies show that recommendations by peers are much more effective than tv commercials or online banners. Brands and influencers reinforce one another. Brands make the influencer, and influencers build brands. However, there are so many influencers out there and only so many brands. Lots of beauty influencers are struggling to become a brand of their own.

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1. Promoting Beauty

1.1 The Value Of Social Media For Beauty Products

Of course, large brands are everywhere. They buy large advertisements in glossy magazines, they run TV campaigns and they spend large amounts on online marketing. Whatever it takes to reach the consumer. The consumer, though, isn’t an idiot. He/she knows to distrust these obvious sales commercials. Online influencers are considered an independent source of information. And funnily enough, they feel like friends. Just like you’d trust a neighbour when they recommend a local bistro, they trust the influencer who’s talking about beauty products.

1.2 Make Your Beauty Seen

In such a competitive field, you need to stand out. You need to make an impression. You need to show the world your sparkle.

Similarly to the way beauty products (when used with skill) highlight your natural beauty, social media templates help you to make a professional and appealing first (and second) impression. And while with make-up sometimes “less is more”, on social media posts “more is more”.

1.3 How To Achieve A (Monetizable) Influencer Status

So, what is it you need to become the next big online beauty influencer? Obviously, you need content. Regardless of what some people say: content is king (queen). Content has always been, and will always remain king (queen). Without content, you’d be the equivalent of the dumb blonde: nice to look at, but kind of boring to talk to.

2. Content Is Essential (Inner Beauty)

Placing content central in your social media strategy is a smart move, but it contains planning. You need to create a content calendar. Start by marking specific days which you can tag along with. Think Valentines’ Day (February 14), International Anti-Diet day (May 6) or Sustainability Day (October 10). Each of these days offer you an excuse to post a blog about body and mind, a beauty quote, to promote beauty product, a product review or a beauty tutorial.

Think ahead, plan ahead and you will find beauty-related social media posts can be found wherever you look for it.

3. Content Needs To Be Attractive (Outer Beauty)

Having good content is essential. But you need to deliver it in a way which is appealing. Otherwise, your followers might click that dreaded unfollow-button. A good social media template builds trust: you are not some random kid crying to be noticed, you are someone who takes her beauty seriously. You are a woman of the world. You are someone to keep an eye on. A social media posts which looks good strengthens your image with your followers. And sometimes, a beautifully designed social media template can make your beauty quotes go viral. That is where you will find most new followers.

3.1 Be Persistently Beautiful

With your content calendar ready, and your social media post designs ready, you’re good to go. Now you can consistently send out quality content. Not only with beauty quotes, inspiring tutorials and product promotions, but also with seasonal promotions and reviews.

But what if your designs simply aren’t that beautiful? What if you’re a brilliant writer, and a very creative content creator, but simply don’t understand (or like) design?

That’s where the professionals come in!

3.2 Get Professional Social Media Templates

There is nothing wrong with using professionals to assist you with your social media design. After all, we all have our talents – and our short comings. When it comes to beauty, sometimes you want a specialist. Perhaps you frequent the local nail studio. Most likely, you have a favourite hairdresser. Why not add a professional designer to that list?

The cool thing, these professional designs don’t have to cost a lot. ContentBASE provide a virtually endless supply of gorgeous social media templates which you can purchase for a very reasonable price.

3.3 A Social Media Template For Every Post

As an influencer, you’re like a friend, you can just be “you”. No need to be serious all the time. Sometimes you can just go out and have some fun.

Vary with your social media posts: a beauty tutorial here, a raving review of a new beauty product there and maybe even some semi-philosophical ponderings every now and then. Throw in an inspiring quote about wellness, a funny meme or even a cat picture (everybody loves cat pictures, right) and develop your online personality.

Ideally, you’d use a different type of image for each type of social media post. If you want to inspire, you’d chose different colors and put emphasis on the beauty quote. However, if your post is about a particular product, you want a design which makes the product stand out, shine.

So get a design for each type of social media post and use them consistently. And remember you can add your logo to each social media post template? Do it, so you become an online beauty brand of your own. You might just become the Oprah of Online Beauty!

3.4 Social Media Marketing Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Being present online is essential to success.  Using social media templates makes your life a lot easier. But there’s a catch. Amazing results don’t happen overnight.

Even if you have an amazing start, growth will not be continuously. Don’t be discouraged if your visitor numbers aren’t growing as fast as you want. The difference between drop-outs and successful influencers is perseverance. Keep going, keep creating that valuable content.

Get yourself noticed. Start your social media posting. Make it look good with one of the many social media templates we have available. And know that you’re participating in a marathon. Keep active on your social media channel. Push yourself a little further and put yourself out there. Show your beauty. Shine!

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