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Back in the days, a business's only worry was a single image for their website. And this was basically their one and only banner on the web. This day and age, not only does every business have its own website, but also multiple social media profiles. And a single header image no longer suffices. These days, you need multiple. And they all need to be smashing!

With the advancement of technology and the growth of users on online platforms over the years, things have changed. Compared to the old days, header images are now very popular and a real must-have on all social platforms.

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Without a header image, the account’s profile appears downright empty. A business can't afford that. It needs an intriguing, look that will capture the audience’s attention. The last thing you want, is to create an impression that you don't care about your own business. Because if you don't care, then why would your future customers?

Thankfully, you don't require graphic design skills to create a really great header image for your business. As long as you have access to a never ending supply of graphic niche templates, it's like taking a walk in the park.

But even then, it still helps to learn a thing or two about header image design. Read on to learn more!

1. How To Design The Best Social Media Header?

Are you ready to develop the best image for your social media, solidify your brand image and make it outstanding among your competitors? Then this is the perfect stepwise guide for you.

1.1 Keep Your Brand In Mind

Even before you make a plan for your brand cover image, make sure to have a strong sense of what you want your brand to feel like. It also needs to match the rest of your profile.

At this moment your profile is likely to be up and running, already. In most cases, it’s usually a business logo that is set as the initial profile picture. But for a social media header, it's important to have a little bit more on there than just the logo. Headers are pretty wide, and logos aren't usually large enough to take up the whole space. An interesting background needs to be added.

To get some good graphics for your header, you can use sites such as Canva, or FotoJet, to create something that matches your brand. It's important that business logo and background blend together well in order to get a professional result.

1.2 First Impressions Count

Generally, your header will jump out at your viewers a lot stronger than your profile picture, just for its large size alone. For that reason, you need to ensure that the design of your header image is absolutely outstanding. It's the very best way of creating that first impression, which is oh, so important.

Consider the message you want your header image to convey, as well as the audience you are targeting, when designing your header image.

1.3 Choose A Clean & Simple Design

Your header image should not be overwhelming, bold, bright, tightly knit or have tiny patters that occupy a big size of space. Instead, go for designs that are simple and allow for some breathing space. It's the best way to let the audience focus on the feel that your brand needs to convey.

Additionally, you need to have intriguing imagery, that is captivating at first glance. This can be tricky at times, especially when you are trying to create a good balance. However, you can strategically add a couple of contrasting colors, to draw your viewers' eyes where you want them to go.

1.4 Use Proper Header Image Sizing

This is a vital factor when designing high quality header images for your social media accounts. You need to use the right dimensions to make your header image look the most professional it can. This is where things become a little complicated, since every platform has its own unique dimension requirements. Some of the most popular platforms and their recommended banner dimensions, are as follows:

  • YouTube size of banner: 2560x1440.
  • Twitter size of the cover image: 1500x500.
  • LinkedIn cover photo size: 1536x768.
  • LinkedIn size of banner image: 1584x396.
  • Facebook group size of the cover photo: 1640x856.
  • Facebook cover size of photo: 820x360.

If you'd like more detailed info on required dimensions on various platforms, please have a look at our guides:

Additionally, you need to take mobile devices into account. For instance, Facebook images appear taller in mobile than when using a desktop. Run tests with this to see if the header image displays correctly on both desktop as well as mobile.

1.5. Add Text

For most images, no explanation is required for the viewer to understand what they mean. However, people enjoy having a little bit of text to go with their imagery, because it works well to further strengthen an image's message.

It also tends to keep the viewer's attention just a little bit longer. It takes time to read text, even if it's a little. And then there's that little moment where your viewer takes a moment to let the message sink in.

1.6. Focus On Your Fans

When marketing through a social media platform, you will be dealing with the whole community as your audience. A strong connection between you and your audience is a must. You need to frequently capture their full attention for the best chance at conversions. In order for this to happen, you need to actually know and understand them.

Take your time to observe the community you are connecting with. Get a feel for what they want. Listen to what they are telling you. That way, you'll stand a much greater chance of creating a fitting header image, that represents your business as well as it can.

2. Conclusion

Header banners are the first thing your audience sees, when they first start interacting with you on social media. They play a vital role in establishing your brand and in growing your audience. Investing in smashing header banners for your social media accounts, is one of the best things you can do to grow your business.

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